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Wrapping It Up: A Town and Country Christmas Gift Wrapping Tutorial

See how designer Abbi Williams make gift giving simpler and handmade.

Not your Traditional Gift Wrap!

Photos by Life Simply Made Media

Gather all your items in advance so you can actually relax and enjoy this easy gift wrapping method! Here are the items you will need:

1) Scissors.

2) Clear gift wrapping tape

3) 7/8" wide double faced satin ribbon. I used a solid black.

4) A roll of kraft paper

5) Heavy Duty kraft paper tags

6) Sisal Twine. You can use jute but I used sisal.

7) Ink pad. I used a acid free raised pad in black.

8) The stamp of your choice! Folks get creative here.... this is your chance to let people know about your tribe... your true style. I used a pheasant game bird stamp thats approx. 1 3/4" x 2 1/4". I wanted a woodsy vibe that had heritage. The cost of the stamp was only $3.25.

9) Ink pen.... I used a black felt tip pen for this tutorial.

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For this gift wrapping concept I wanted a rustic casual look so I chose not to do use the traditional gift box and tissue method. I used no boxes at all for the wrapping process. Part of this look is the overall lack of structure! To get your gifts manageable to wrap in kraft paper fold them in a small tight square or rectangle. Once the items are folded they will provide enough support to be wrapped in kraft paper and secured with clear tape. Next using your black satin ribbon to loop the length of the package...leaving the ribbon uncut in the process. Once the ribbon is looped around the width twist the ribbon and the package 90 degrees the wrap the single piece of ribbon in the overall length. Tie a simple knot in the back to secure the ribbon then at that point you make your cut from the ribbon spool. I prefer not cutting my ribbon until I am sure I have a proper length.


After wrapping the gift with kraft paper and adding the 7/8" ribbon. Grab your heavy duty kraft paper gift tags, stamp and ink pad. Just a side note there are different weights or paper thickness of kraft paper tags. Some are quite flimsy.... I prefer a heavier weight just adds substance to the overall package once it is complete. And if this is your first time with a new stamp feel free to give it a few trial attempts on scrap paper to be sure you understand the scale of the stamp for placement on the tags.


Next, stamp your kraft paper tag to prepare it for placement on the gift. Don't over think it... the imperfection is why it's so charming to begin with!!! Next using your ink pen write your heartfelt holiday message on the back. I use a felt tip pen with black ink.


One other note, these gift tags came pre-made with a short loop of jute twine at the end for attaching them to the gift. I cut that off with my scissors as I prefer a longer cut of rustic blonde sisal twine, over the plain brown jute that was attached to the tags. After you're ready to attach your gift tag, cut a 12"-16" piece of sisal twine. I cut a longer piece because I love the way it curls and twists around the ribbon and the tag. Loop the twine through the gift tag with the stamped side facing up and the written message facing the kraft paper. To attach the longer piece of twine close the the center I grabbed the intersection of my satin ribbon and tie a knot.


And Voila!

"I would love to hear about your adventures and challenges as you give this new look a try. Big hugs everyone!" ~A

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