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Up Now on HGTV! Try Trendy Vintage Velvets in Your Home

See how designer Abbi WIlliams uses vintage-style velvet accessories to get an on-trend look without breaking the bank.

As an interior designer and owner of the Atlanta design studio Red Door Design Studio one thing I know for sure: trendy vintage velvet is a great opportunity to bring a fresh, new look to your home. Adding the right velvet touches is also a wallet-savvy way to step up your decorating game without breaking the bank.

Using my Thirties-era Atlanta Midtown design studio as my guinea pig, I test drove some of these velvet trends to show how you can make this luxe, retro look pay dividends in your design scheme. See how a few well-placed accessories in the right colors can make your space both chic and cozy.

Shop the Velvet Trend

10 Gorgeous Velvet Accessories for Your Home

Photos by Chris Hook


Add a Dusty Rose Throw As far as true retro tones for velvet accessories, dusty rose is iconic. Perfect for fall weather, this pink crushed velvet throw is a must for picnics or cozying up by the fire. This vintage color pairs especially well with a range of greens or gray tones. Already full-up with throws? A few well-placed pillows will also check your dusty rose box.


Hang Eggplant Drapes

Crisp, white interior walls are definitely in demand but often rooms with plain white wall color can fall flat and quickly become bland. One way to give rooms back that warm coziness is to add full-length velvet drapes. To get a true retro vibe, choose a decadent deep purple or eggplant color. This rich vintage tone instantly shapes a room, especially when placed against a super light wall color.


Buy (or Recover) a Sofa in Indigo

This indigo sofa is casual and sexy, reminiscent of the retro denim of the '70s. The cool dark blue vintage tone creates a casual, welcoming space. To get the right vintage hue, I recommend going a shade lighter than a true sapphire blue. Indigo blue has all the richness of a darker blue tone but it’s not as visually heavy and overly serious.


Try Burnt Orange Upholstery

The one item that completes every room is a single piece of furniture that’s totally unexpected. This burnt orange accent chair is the hit of color I needed to brighten up this space and give it a vintage feel without the room feeling stuffy or dated. If you're chasing the velvet trend you don’t have to over-commit. A single accent chair or ottoman in an unexpected vintage tone will create visual interest for days.


Make a Chartreuse Shadow Box

Be bold and add an edgy velvet backdrop to your custom art. Attention-grabbing art beautifully completes any space. With only half of a yard of velvet fabric and one incredible faux crocodile skull, the perfect shadow box was created.


Toss in Some Merlot Floor Cushions

If you want a chic and stylish way to accommodate occasional large crowds or an impromptu movie session with the kids, go with velvet floor cushions. Select a rich merlot tone to complement a more traditional design and to create a more edgy room.


Quick and Easy Teal Pillow Mix-In

White walls, wood tones and a touch of brass are a basic backdrop to experiment with a snappy teal accent. Teal is a certified retro tone and the ideal casual color for living spaces, as well as cozy bedrooms. Even if you have a room of all neutral tones nothing brings a space together like a velvet accent in an eye-catching true vintage color.


Cozy it Up with a Gold Bed Bolster

Fussy, over-the-top bed linens are no longer in demand for modern bedrooms. Instead, the trend is moving toward a cleaner, more streamlined look for beds. Stay on top of the velvet trend by adding a bolster pillow in a vintage color. Gold velvet is both warm and inviting.


Design on the Cheap: Moss Green Napkins

Moss green velvet is the perfect accent to give any room depth and rich texture, regardless of which room you use this tangy vintage color in. Better still, this tone easily blends in with most decor. Opt for large napkins to take advantage of the velvet trend if you are not ready to commit to larger furniture pieces. This moss green vintage shade can work for everyday casual use or even at special holidays such as a Christmas or Easter.


Shop Your Closet: Espresso Velvet Blazer

Nothing is off limits with the vintage velvet trend. Forget boring framed prints, basic art or floating shelves to accent walls. I love to be adventurous and decorate with functional items such as an espresso brown velvet blazer. I use my favorite blazer as an accent in my entryway because it adds a stylish tone to the room. The dark brown color is both classic and edgy.

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